Uniting Friends of Ageing member Eleanor prepares for the election

  • Eleanor sits on a park bench, in the foreground are a mass of colourful pink, red and white petunias.
    Uniting Friends of Ageing member Eleanor from Victoria.

Uniting Friends of Ageing member from Victoria, Eleanor, has shared some of her actions and plans for ageing and aged care to be a top priority during the federal election.

Eleanor writes:

“I have taken up some of the suggestions from previous (UFA) sessions: contacted the local MP, contacted the local Labor candidate, not sure of others yet, contacted the Shadow Minister and sent a hand written letter to Minister Hunt.

No response from the minister yet.  I have submitted the report from the first meeting with two additional paragraphs from our second meeting for our local church paper.

I think that will be available in April. I have been in touch with our social justice group and aged care is one of the things on their list, of course they have several others but I will not let them forget aged care.

If there is a meeting of local candidates I have a question ready for them, “Would you encourage your daughter, or perhaps even your son, to consider a career in aged care?  There is plenty of work in that area.” 

I believe they would be horrified to think that their child would be involved in such poorly paid employment with no prospects of a career.  Why do they think other people’s children should do this demanding work with little recompense and no community standing?

I think the ‘consumer’s view’ is easily lost in all the complex issues to be addressed.  I am happy to keep drawing attention to it.  A well paid well trained workforce must improve the consumer experience.”

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