Submission to the Australian Fair Pay Commission on the determination of minimum wages

A. INTRODUCTION UnitingCare, one of the largest non-government providers of community services in Australia, is primarily concerned with those population groups who are most disadvantaged in society. With 374 agencies nation-wide, UnitingCare provides... July 15, 2006

Submission regarding Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Bill 2013

UnitingCare Australia is the national body for the UnitingCare network of community and social service providers and is an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia. The UnitingCare network provides services to children, young people and families, indigenous... May 22, 2013

Submission on Dementia and Veterans' Supplements in Aged Care Consultation Paper

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Dementia and Veterans’ Supplements in Aged Care Consultation Paper of April 2013. We welcome the recognition of the additional care needs of people with dementia and mental health issues... May 23, 2013

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Inquiry into the Social Security Amendment (Supporting more Australians into work) Bill 2013

UnitingCare Australia appreciates the opportunity to provide comment on the Social Security Amendment (Supporting More Australians into Work) Bill 2013. This submission is premised on the view that all Australians have the right to live a decent life,... June 11, 2013

Submission to the Aged Care Financing Authority on Improving the Collection of Financial Data from Aged Care Providers

The Aged Care Financing Authority (ACFA) is seeking feedback by 8 July 2013 on a number of issues relating to how collection of financial data from aged care providers could be improved. Current arrangements The discussion paper outlines the current arrangements... July 8, 2013

Submission in response to AER Draft Guideline (Better Regulation Program)

UnitingCare Australia is the Uniting Church’s national body supporting community services and advocacy for children, young people, families, people with disabilities and older people. The UnitingCare network is one of the largest providers of community... September 12, 2013

Submission in response to AER Draft Guideline (Better Regulation Program) regarding shared assets

Energy is an essential services and with increased costs has become a financial burden on growing numbers of households and consumers in Australia. Uniting care is concerned for these people and advocates strongly for appropriate energy regulation. In... September 16, 2013

Submission to the Australian Energy Regulator Better Regulation Program - Response to the Draft Confidentiality Guideline

UnitingCare Australia commends the AER on the work undertaken to develop this guideline and others that are part of the better regulation suite of guidelines. The intent of the AER, to actively and meaningfully engage consumer perspectives, has been greatly... September 23, 2013

Submission on the Australian Energy Consumer Organisation

We think that it is useful, at the outset, to express the observation that energy consumer advocacy has been very effective over recent years, with much of the reform coming out of close recent public policy attention on energy regulation being catalysed... September 23, 2013

Submission to the Australian Energy Regulator Better Regulation Program - Response to the Expenditure Incentive Draft Guidelines

Uniting Care Australia again commend the AER for their commitment to consumer engagement as demonstrated particularly through the Better Regulation Program. We also recognise the outstanding contribution that staff have made in assisting to unpack a... September 24, 2013