Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Economics on the Inquiry into the Disclosure Regimes for Charities and Not-for-profit Organisations

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the Senate Standing Committee on Economics’ inquiry into the disclosure regimes relating to charities and not-for-profit organisations operating in Australia. The Terms of Reference of the inquiry include the examination... December 1, 2008

Submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Residential and Community Aged Care in Australia December 2008

The current model for provision of services for people as they get older is no longer relevant or appropriate and does not meet the needs or expectations of older people or their families now, and will not in the future. Consider these facts: 50% of... November 19, 2008

Review of the Conditional Adjustment Payment Additional submission: Critical issues impacting residential aged care viability

In this submission “UnitingCare” and “UnitingCare agencies” refer to three particular UnitingCare network agencies, Blue Care in Queensland, Uniting Aged Care Victoria and Tasmania and Uniting Church Homes in Western Australia. These organisations... October 22, 2008

Disability Employment Review

The various reviews into employment services and related areas shows that for disadvantaged job seekers, in particular people with disabilities who have high support needs, the current system has not delivered improved employment outcomes. This feedback... October 1, 2008

UnitingCare Australia Pension Review Submission

This submission is premised on the view that all Australians have a right to live a decent life, which we define as being able to access appropriate food, clothing and healthcare; safe and secure housing; meaningful work, education, rest and enjoyment;... September 26, 2008

Response to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper

Australia’s response to climate change is fundamentally an issue of justice and equity, both within Australia and across the community of nations. Scientific evidence of climate change (as summarised in the Garnaut report) makes a compelling case that... September 10, 2008

Garnaut Climate Change Review

UnitingCare Australia is committed to values based advocacy, speaking with and on behalf of those who are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, for the common good. UnitingCare Australia recognises that uncontrolled climate change would raise significant... April 17, 2008

Improving Job Capacity Assessments and Account Services

Australia’s existing employment services system was formulated in a time when unemployment was upwards of nine per cent and geared to those circumstances. In the current booming economy, the employment market is fundamentally different and UnitingCare... February 28, 2008

Meaningful Employment - A new system of employment support for all Australians

We acknowledge and commend the Government’s commitment to social inclusion. Uniting Care has extensive experience in providing services to support disadvantaged communities and individuals through its various agencies. We believe that this equips us... February 13, 2008

Submission to the National Mental Health And Disability Employment Strategy

Overall, the major changes in the labour market during the past five years have been positive for workers with disabilities. These changes can be attributed to the dual phenomenon of ageing in the population, and continuing economic growth, both of which... January 1, 2008