Ji Zhang

Rev Dr Ji Zhang

Assembly Theologian-in-Residence

Rev. Dr Ji Zhang is Theologian-in-Residence of National Assembly. He works in collaboration with national agencies UnitingCare Australia and the Assembly Resourcing Unit, and provides theological leadership through a number of national committees. 

Ji was born in Shanghai and studied theology in Melbourne and Boston, and completed his PhD in comparative philosophy/theology. He is a doctoral supervisor at the University of Divinity. 

What drew Ji to UnitingCare Australia is the joint project between UnitingCare Australia and UnitingWorld. The Uniting Church trained more than 400 aged care managers with the Chinese Church. It transforms the inner capacity of service into the outer mission of development. 

Theologian-in-Residence has a responsibility to engage theological reflection of social service ministry of the Uniting Church. This role fulfills the first part of UnitingCare Australia’s Mandate. The work is included in UnitingCare Australia’s report to the Assembly every three years.