Bronte Wilson

Bronte Wilson

Region Minister, Rural and Remote South Australia

Bronte is currently acting as the Region Minister, Rural and Remote South Australia for the Pastoral Relations and Mission Planning Team. He attends Ascot Community Uniting Church where his wife Cheryl is the Minister. They have three teenage/young adult children who all live with them.

Over the years Bronte has served the Church through a variety of roles both locally and further afield. These include being secretary of Elders Council, Chair of Congregation, Secretary and Treasurer of Church Council, Secretary and Chair of Presbytery Youth Council, member of Gulf Mission Network Executive, member of Pastoral Relations and Placements Committees, member of several Assemblies and a member of Standing Committee.

Bronte’s involvement in organisations outside the Uniting Church includes Treasurer of the South Australian Dairy Farmers’ Association, member of Lions International, member of the Limestone Coast Regional Development Council and a member of the South East Water Resources Committee.

Along with his current part time role with Pastoral Relations, Bronte is also employed 2 days a week doing maintenance/grounds work at Nunyara Conference centre, and enjoys the balance of practical and outdoor work that this brings. He is a member of the Finance and Property committees in his local congregation, and involved in worship leading and preaching. He chairs the Pastoral Relations and Placements Committees and is a member of Standing Committee.