October pre-Budget Submission

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While there was no formal pre-budget submission process for the October 2022 Budget, we were able to provide our views to the government on what we think should be included. In line with our key priorities, we highlighted three areas where we think urgent action needs to be taken.

We expressed our deep concern for the current crisis in aged care, the growing number of people in the community struggling with the rising cost of living and the need to ensure adequate support services in locations where the Cashless Debit Card is being abolished.

We believe Australians deserve quality care and support to live to their full potential with dignity. We recommended the government increase funding and care recipient contributions into the aged care sector by $5 billion, in line with the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. We also requested an improved indexation process for aged care funding to make sure costs keep pace with inflation.

We also highlighted the need for the community services sector to have longer term funding contracts, and improved indexation on those contracts. The rising cost of living has impacted the most vulnerable in our community, increasing the demand on community services while funding has reduced in real terms.

In the Australian Community Sector Survey Report in April 2022, eighty per cent of those surveyed reported that their funding did not cover the full cost of services delivered.

After the abolition of the Cashless Debit Card, we highlighted the need for a successful transition period with short-term wrap around supports for existing participants.

You can read the full submission online.