Media Release

UnitingCare Australia welcomes historic investment in aged care and key services

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the Morrison Government’s Budget tonight, acknowledging the historic investment across aged care, mental health, safety, training and jobs.

“Tonight the Morrison Government has delivered record investment in services that are vital for so many of the people we serve. Across areas including aged care, homelessness services and mental health, this Budget includes measures that will support thousands of families, individuals and communities”, said National Director, Ms Claerwen Little.

“As part of the Australian Aged Care Collaboration, we are pleased to see the $17.7 billion investment in aged care over 5 years and commend the Government’s commitment to transformation. We are now on the pathway to address many of the challenges facing aged care.

“UnitingCare Australia has long called for an investment in the care workforce and we are pleased to see the Government has announced a range of initiatives tonight.

“We especially welcome measures that support women’s economic security, safety and participation.

“However, until every child, young person, family and individual is out of poverty and has a roof over their head, we will remain focussed on those who are left out.

“This Budget sets us on the right path and we look forward to working with the Morrison Government to deliver for everyone”, said Ms Little.


The UnitingCare network is one of the largest networks of community services in Australia, supporting 1.4 million people every year across 1,600 sites in urban, rural, and remote communities, with over 50,000 staff and 30,000 volunteers.

UnitingCare Australia is the national body for the Uniting Church’s community services network and an agency of the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.

The UnitingCare Aged Care Network supports approximately 97,000 older people, comprising 8.5% of total residential beds and 10% of Home Care Packages nationally