Media Release

UnitingCare Australia supports calls for transformation of aged care system

Older Australians should have the chance to age to their full potential and be afforded the right support when and where they need it.

Responding to the proposed recommendations from the Royal Commission’s Counsel Assisting, UnitingCare Australia National Director, Ms Claerwen Little echoed widespread calls for change.

“The time for change is now. We must act collectively and deliberately to deliver generational transformation towards a rights-based aged care system, to ensure that our loved ones are supported and protected as they grow older.

“Older Australians should be able to life live to their full potential, with dignity and grace. They should have access to services when, and where, they need it” Ms Little said.

Support to older Australians is a significant focus of UnitingCare Australia’s mission and delivered through its network of services across the continuum of care. This includes engagement at a local community level, home care, residential aged care homes and retirement living.

The network supports approximately 97,000 older people, comprising 8.5% of total residential beds and 10% of Home Care Packages nationally.

“UnitingCare Australia welcomes this once-in-a-generation opportunity to truly reset the way we support people as they age and look forward to the final report in February.

“We remain absolutely committed to working collaboratively with government, the sector, older people and their families, together with the community, to bring this vision to life. As a nation, we simply cannot afford to let this opportunity pass us by.”