Media Release

UnitingCare Australia renews calls for solution to homelessness

As the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus crisis continue to be felt across communities, it is more important than ever that individuals and families have a home.

Marking National Homelessness Week, UnitingCare Australia is renewing calls for a national housing and homelessness plan, including a substantial investment in social housing.

“During the pandemic we have seen through the response by state and federal governments that we can find solutions to house people who are homeless. We are encouraged by the proactive approach to providing this vital support, but additional investment in social housing and support services is urgently needed to avoid more people falling into homelessness” said National Director, Ms Claerwen Little.

“We know these issues are complex. Alongside investment in social housing, we must ensure there is wrap-around support for those experiencing multiple and complex issues. This support has to include an adequate social safety net and services for people where, and when, they need it”.

“Now more than ever we need a national solution to end homelessness. As the pandemic continues to put individuals and families under financial stress, having a home is critical to both the immediate and long-term response to the crisis” said Ms Little.

“Today we call on all governments to commit to a national plan to end homelessness. We know that when the need is greatest, solutions can be rapidly implemented. As a nation, we must uphold the basic human right to shelter. Everybody deserves a home”.