Media Release

Let’s age out ageism

Today marks Australia’s first Ageism Awareness Day, an important milestone in the fight aginst the growing issue of ageism and inequality facing our older population.

This year the theme is “Ageism. Know it. Name it.”, an important message in a space where the ongoing maligning of the eldery has seen a steep decline in the way ageing is percieved and reflected in the funding and policy decisions surrounding the aged care sector.

“While today is a step in the right direction, recognising the rights of our all of us to grow old with dignity and support is the only way that we, as a society, can ensure that individuals in our community are not vulnerable due to their age” said National Director, Ms Claerwen Little.

“At UnitingCare Australia, our belief is that every older Australian should be able to live well every day, as part of their community, with dignity and independence but we need age positivity to make this happen”.

“In an effort to reverse thoughts and feelings on aged care, UnitingCare Australia and our network will spend the weekend celebrating the rich contributions made by older Australians.

“As part of the initiative, we’ve started Older Persons Sunday, a specific day for our broader Uniting Church family to take a moment of reflection and prayer to thank the older members of their community for the contribtions they have made throughout their lives.

“The right to be treated justly, accorded dignity and to have your basic rights protected applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender, cultural origin, sexuality or beliefs.


Resources to combact ageism in your community:
Resources for Older Person Sunday are available on the Uniting Friends of Ageing page on our website.

UnitingCare Australia’s submissions to the Royal Commission, including our vision for an ageing Australia Ageing to our Full Potential, are available on our website.

UnitingCare Australia is member of EveryAGE Counts. More information on ageism and how to change perceptions is available on their website.


The UnitingCare network is one of the largest networks of community services in Australia, supporting 1.4 million people every year across 1,600 sites in urban, rural, and remote communities, with over 50,000 staff and 30,000 volunteers.

UnitingCare Australia is the national body for the Uniting Church’s community services network and an agency of the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.

The UnitingCare Aged Care Network supports approximately 97,000 older people, comprising 8.5% of total residential beds and 10% of Home Care Packages nationally.