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Yet more evidence to support calls to reform aged care

Last night’s Four Corners report on aged care has highlighted once again the need for the Minister and her Department to direct their attention to enabling a high quality of care for older people. UnitingCare National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds said,... June 2, 2009

Difficult times to continue for Australia’s most vulnerable

Last night the Treasurer brought down a difficult budget for difficult times. The budget delivered on jobs creation, major infrastructure investment, and a welcome increase in payment rates for some pensioners. The historic commitment to paid parenting... May 13, 2009

UnitingCare Australia welcomes Senate report on aged care

UnitingCare Australia has welcomed yesterday’s report of the Senate Inquiry into Residential and Community Aged Care in Australia. The Inquiry, conducted by the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration, has called for sweeping... April 30, 2009

Major church providers say employment services process needs overhaul

Major Church Providers of social services in Australia have called for an independent review of the process for allocating employment services contracts, following the release today of the Jobs Services Australia contracts. “Today’s decision challenges... April 2, 2009

Major church providers urge resolution of stimulus package

Major church providers of social services in Australia have urged a resolution of the Government’s second stimulus package. Representatives from Anglicare Australia, Catholic Social Services Australia, The Salvation Army and UnitingCare Australia said... February 13, 2009

Major church providers are ready to act on today's stimulus package

Major church providers of social services are ready to act on measures announced in the stimulus package which has just been passed by the Senate. Those people who are least responsible for the global financial crisis ought not bear the brunt of the downturn. The... February 13, 2009

Major church providers say stimulus housing initiative worthwhile

Major church providers of social services in Australia have welcomed the Government’s plans to establish 20,000 new dwellings to bolster Australia’s social housing stock detailed at a briefing session at Parliament House in Canberra today. Prime Minister... February 6, 2009

Major church providers welcome meeting with Deputy Prime Minister

Major church providers have expressed optimism ahead of a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Sydney today where they will discuss measures to help limit the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on vulnerable Australians and the social... January 27, 2009

UnitingCare Australia welcomes government focus on opportunity for people with a disability

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the Federal Government’s proposal of a more flexible model for disability employment services that will cater to people’s individual needs. The new model will see a reduction of red tape, stronger training incentives... December 4, 2008

UnitingCare Australia welcomes COAG’s commitment to the reform of the delivery of community services

UnitingCare Australia welcomes Saturday’s COAG announcements signalling a strong commitment to improving the lives of Australians who are diasdvantaged and vulnerable. UnitingCare Australia is pleased to see additional funding through the new National... December 1, 2008