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Both major parties fall short on social policy commitments

Susan Helyar, National Director of UnitingCare Australia said today social policies announced by both the ALP and the Coalition during this election campaign amount largely to punitive, short-term measures that will encourage prejudice in many people,... August 19, 2010

UnitingCare Australia applauds the Greens in calling for a Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People

UnitingCare Australia today applauds the Australian Greens for calling for a Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People. UnitingCare Australia has previously called on the Government to appoint a National Children’s Commissioner who would... August 17, 2010

Coalition’s Job Commitment Bonus is not the answer to tackling Long-term Unemployment

Uniting Care Australia’s National Director, Susan Helyar, has responded to the Coalition’s Job Commitment Bonus election announcement, saying that “today’s announcement by the Coalition will do little to address long-term unemployment.” “While... August 17, 2010

Aged care at what cost?

Australia was only marginally closer to resolving the immediate and longer term pressures confronting the aged care industry, and older people, a week out from the federal election, the Campaign for Care of Older Australians (CCOA) said today. CCOA Chair... August 12, 2010

New lease of life for social services welcome

UnitingCare Australia welcomes Labor’s commitment today to put in place measures to strengthen the not-for-profit sector. Commenting shortly after the announcement this morning, Director of Services Sustainability, Joe Zabar said it’s good to see... August 9, 2010

Greens aged care policy offers action and vision

The Campaign for Care of Older Australians (CCOA) welcomes the Greens aged care policy as a strategic approach to caring for older Australians now and in the future. “Senator Siewert has outlined reforms which recognize the need for both immediate action... August 8, 2010

New research reinforces urgent need for aged care reforms

The Campaign for Care of Older Australians (CCOA) says a report commissioned by Alzheimer’s Australia provides more pressing evidence to support the need for aged care reforms. CCOA Chair Greg Mundy said the research conducted by Access Economics reveals... August 6, 2010

Help for vulnerable teenagers a first step in addressing cost of living pressures for families

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Susan Helyar, has welcomed the Government’s commitment to help families with teenagers address cost of living pressures, which was one of the priorities outlined in UnitingCare Australia’s election priorities... August 2, 2010

2010 Federal election: a decent life for every person

In this Federal election campaign, UnitingCare Australia is calling on the three major parties to deliver commitments that will contribute to a decent live for every person living in Australia. UnitingCare Australia’s Key Social Policy Priorities for... August 2, 2010

Coalition aged care policy a boost for older Australians

The Campaign for Care of Older Australians (CCOA) has hailed the Coalition’s aged care policy as a positive initiative to maintain services and develop urgently needed residential facilities. “The Coalition’s commitment to restore the 1.75 per cent... August 1, 2010