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Housing market fails low income Australians

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Lin Hatfield Dodds said low income Australians are being pushed further to the margins as the housing market fails to meet the needs of an increasing number of families and young people. Commenting today on... December 7, 2010

Gaming industry must back safe gambling practices

UnitingCare Australia strongly supports the efforts of the Government and Independent Andrew Wilkie to reduce the harm caused by problem gambling through the rollout of a full pre-commitment system over the next four years. National Director, Lin Hatfield... December 1, 2010

Mental health support for all Australians

UnitingCare Australia encourages the Federal Parliament to think about the needs of all Australians who are living with mental illness as they consider a motion on mental health to go before the House of Representatives today. Lin Hatfield Dodds, National... November 25, 2010

Government flags service cuts to meet gender equity pay claim

UnitingCare Australia is disappointed that the Federal Government appears to be backing away from funding long overdue wage increases for low paid community sector workers. Responding to the Government’s submission to Fair Work Australia’s Equal Remuneration... November 19, 2010

UnitingCare Australia welcomes move to get children out of detention

UnitingCare Australia strongly supports the Government’s announcement today that it will begin moving significant numbers of children and vulnerable family groups out of immigration detention facilities and into community-based accommodation. National... October 18, 2010

Lin Hatfield Dodds to return to the role of UnitingCare Australia National Director

I am pleased to inform you that Lin Hatfield Dodds will be returning to the role of National Director, UnitingCare Australia as from October 11th 2010. As you may be aware, Lin stood aside from her role as National Director in January when she became... September 24, 2010

Opportunity knocks

The Campaign for Care of Older Australians (CCOA) congratulates the new Government and urges a new era of bipartisan support for urgent reforms in aged care. “Both major parties and the independents negotiated unprecedented parliamentary reforms,”... September 8, 2010

Indexation of income support payments welcome

Susan Helyar, National Director of UnitingCare Australia has welcomed the routine indexation increase for income support payments announced on Friday by the Federal Government. Ms Helyar said people on income support struggle to meet their basic needs. “The... September 5, 2010

Major church groups call for a ten year plan to overcome poverty

Anglicare Australia, Catholic Social Services Australia, The Salvation Army and UnitingCare Australia have joined forces to call on the new government to develop a 10 year national plan to overcome poverty and disadvantage. This call comes at the end... August 20, 2010

From the outside looking in - a report card on aged care election promises

From the outside I could look like a dear old soul who is ‘doddering around’ because I have nothing else to do and no-where else to go but inside I may be suffering. My suffering may not be from some debilitating pain but due to the confusion that... August 19, 2010