Friday, 03 March 2017 09:43

Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper on Elder Abuse


UnitingCare Australia appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback on the Elder Abuse Discussion Paper prepared by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC).

This submission builds upon feedback that UnitingCare Australia previously supplied in response to the ALRC on the Elder Abuse Issues Paper. It reiterates many of the issues and themes raised in that submission, in addition to commenting on the proposals forwarded for consideration by the ALRC. This response draws on input from the broader UnitingCare service network, most particularly from UnitingCare Queensland, Resthaven and Kildonan UnitingCare, as well as from UnitingCare Australia’s Aged Care Network.

All UnitingCare services, the Uniting Church and its agencies regard elder abuse as a serious and repugnant crime. We are committed to doing all in our power to prevent the abuse of older people in our care, to respond swiftly and appropriately when elder abuse does occur and to raise awareness of the issue and associated risks within the broader community.

Our comments in this paper broadly reflect the need for proposals and strategies to be suitable for practical implementation, and considerate of the impact on both older people as well as those delivering supports and services to them, noting that the needs of older people must take primacy. We also advocate the need to avoid duplication of any existing processes or strategies that already provide a means to prevent and address elder abuse and have the potential to be strengthened.

Feedback is provided on areas covered in the Discussion Paper that are most relevant to UnitingCare organisations and the clients we serve.

Additional Info

  • Submitted to: Australian Law Reform Commission
  • Regarding: Elder Abuse
  • Date Submitted: Thursday, 02 March 2017
  • Contact Name: Tanya von Ahlefeldt
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  • Contact Phone: 02 6181 1005
  • Policy area(s): Aged Care