Media Releases

UnitingCare Australia looks forward to tomorrow’s release of the Productivity Commission’s draft report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, hoping it will pave a way forward for an increase in the proportion of disadvantaged and vulnerable children receiving early childhood education.

“We know that going to a quality preschool or early learning centre makes a huge difference in the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Yet these children are also the most likely to miss out on that early learning during crucial years in their life,” said Lin Hatfield Dodds, National Director of UnitingCare Australia.

UnitingCare Australia welcomes the weekend release of the McClure Review’s Interim Report on welfare reform and is encouraged by the foundations being laid by the review.

“We all agree that a simple, efficient and adequate system is important and that we need to make sure people are being supported effectively. The critical thing is to ensure that these priorities remain forefront for any recommendations made,” said Lin Hatfield Dodds, National Director of UnitingCare Australia.

UnitingCare Australia today expressed concern about the abolition of the Dementia and Severe Behaviour Supplement.

“The Dementia and Severe Behaviour Supplement was introduced to meet the additional costs of caring for people with severe needs. While that cost has proved to be much larger than expected, that is reflective of the significant level of need we are facing. It is vital that we find ways to meet the needs of some of our frailest Australians,” said UnitingCare National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds.

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Lin Hatfield Dodds said that this year’s Federal Budget falls short of its own ambition to provide equality of opportunity for all Australians.

"The burden of this budget falls overwhelmingly on families, pensioners and young people.

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Lin Hatfield Dodds has called for tomorrow's Federal Budget to begin a national discussion about ageing in Australia.

“Australia has an ageing population. Treasury projects that over the next 40 years, the proportion of the population over 65 years of age will almost double to around 25 per cent,” said Ms Hatfield Dodds.

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Lin Hatfield Dodds said that next week’s Federal Budget should focus on investing in people and productivity to ensure the future prosperity of the nation.

“The Budget offers an opportunity to invest in our nation’s most valuable resource – its people,” said Ms Hatfield Dodds.

UnitingCare Australia’s National Director, Lin Hatfield Dodds said that yesterday’s Commission of Audit report set out a raft of recommendations that challenge the way we think about the role of government and our expectations of it.

“While the report contains more than enough recommendations for cutting, transferring, privatising and scaling back to concern most sectors of the community, the recommendations do not equate to government decisions, as the Finance Minister made clear yesterday,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said.

Strengthening the revenue base is a vital step in ensuring Australia has the capacity to fund the services and improved living standards the community wants and expects, UnitingCare National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds said today.

“We are a fair and decent society. We can align economic growth, fiscal discipline and equitable public policy. We can operate above day-to-day politics and think strategically, for the common good,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said.

The findings of today’s ANUpoll on public priorities for Government spending are welcome, and are particularly timely in the lead up to the May budget, UnitingCare Australia National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds says.

“Australians want to see increased Government spending on social services, the ANUpoll shows. And we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. People don’t want tax cuts at the expense of social services,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said.

Government, the community sector and business all have important roles to play in ensuring all Australians have the means and opportunity for a decent life, supported by a healthy economy, UnitingCare Australia National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds says.

“We are a prosperous nation. And yet we continue to have pockets of entrenched disadvantage, some of which are growing. Australia can do better than this – by addressing revenue as well as Government spending,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said, responding to the release today of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.