Call your local MP

Call your MP to advocate for better policy

Call your local member and tell them what you think!


Find contact details for your local Member of Parliament

Head to this site and search for your local Member’s phone number.


Plan what you would like to talk about

We are asking you to contact your local Member about any or all the following:

  1. A National Inquiry into the causes of wage stagnation,
  2. Increasing wages in aged care, and
  3. Paying superannuation on top of Parental Leave Pay.

It will be helpful to have a plan of what you would like to talk about before the call. This doesn’t need to be pages of detail, just a few key points you would like to mention during the discussion.

See below some ideas you can draw on for each of the proposals.


View ideas


Make it personal!

Numbers and policy briefs are important to win minds, but it is always sharing experiences that wins hearts.

You might want to tell your MP about an aged care worker who went above and beyond in the care of someone you love. Alternatively, you might have visited an aged care facility that couldn’t deliver the care its residents deserved because of staffing issues.

Personal stories also help Parliamentarians grasp the broader story. If you have struggled to meet the cost pressures of day to day life, or if you know someone who has, telling your local Member about it will make them a better representative for you and your community.

An optional step is to include some local data to help tell the story.

In the template, the segments coloured in red are opportunities to add data about your electorate.

You can find the data to include in the table below just find your electorate in the list. (You can search your electorate here.)


Download local data table


Add some local data to your pitch

Below are some suggested facts that you might want to include in your call. You can fill in the grey-coloured bits using the data table below. Just find your electorate and copy in the corresponding number.


View suggested facts