Uniting a Caring Australia

The Federal Election is just around the corner and this means we are entering a period of heightened opportunity. The opportunity is to make Australia better by making our laws better.

UnitingCare Australia is undertaking a concerted push to change the way our system works. One of our key focuses is economic inequality because we believe in an Australia where prosperity is shared fairly, embracing all people regardless of their privilege or upbringing. This vision is based in the ministry of Jesus who announced, “good news to the poor” and those excluded from society.

We are challenging decision makers to use the economy to improve wellbeing. As outlined in An Economy of Life:

The point is not to find the solution (for there is no one), but to foster all the ways that every human enterprise, including theology, can help us imagine and live a different abundant life, one that will make the earth healthier and people happier.

Three straightforward proposals outlined in our Pre-Budget Submission will move us closer to this goal:

  1. A National Inquiry into the causes of income stagnation,
  2. Increasing wages in aged care, and
  3. Paying superannuation on top of Parental Leave Pay

Together we can help make people the priority in Australia and ensure everyone is empowered to live a life of dignity.

But we need your help to get these policies into our democracy. There are lots of ways to pitch in. Some activities will take five minutes, others will take a little longer. So – Can you lend a hand?


Priorities for the Australian Election 2022


Best Regards,
Claerwen Little