A new Act for Aged Care

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The Federal Government is developing a new Aged Care Act, presenting a significant opportunity to modernise the way aged care is delivered in Australia.

Together with our network, we have actively engaged with the consultation process and prepared a comprehensive submission. It is vital that we get the policy right to ensure the best outcomes for older people, their families, and aged care workers in this historic reform.

In our submission we put forward a practical roadmap for implementing key components of the Act.

This staggered approach will allow providers, older people and the government the necessary time for a smooth transition. Our submission also articulates our expectations for the government to promote readiness among providers and foster effective change management across the sector.

In the roadmap, key components of the Act are proposed for initial implementation, while other components should be staged to ensure ample time for effective delivery.

But there are some areas of concern and some elements of the Act need to be revised. Our submission supports the principles of supported decision-making, however, underscores the need for further practical development of the proposed Supporters and Representatives Framework. This is noting the likely adverse consequences if decisions cannot be made promptly and advocating for alignment with state and territory frameworks.

Importantly, we continue to stress the need for cohesive and clear reforms, ensuring consistency and clarity for providers and aged care recipients.

We look forward to collaborating with the Government, the Department, and the Commission in this crucial task of reforming the aged care sector.